Our Story

Fighter Up CrossFit started as a fight.

Not a knock-down, drag out fight against another person, but as an internal commitment to lead a healthy lifestyle and enjoy all that life has to offer.

To “Fighter Up” is to be present, positive and committed, inside the box and out. Whether your fight is surviving cancer, being a single parent, managing stress, or fighting to stay youthful and active, we are in your corner. Our team has over 25 years of experience in the fitness and sporting goods industry. Our promise to you is to be present, positive and committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals.

We were founded by Cally Claiborne, Kyle Burns and Jonathan Norris-Green. Cally is committed to finding a cure for cancer and leads the data management department for the largest Phase-I medical oncology program in the world. She is passionate about helping people in our community live more fully and was a competitive volleyball player. Kyle is a former executive who rose to the level of President & CEO before turning his focus on helping others realize their fitness goals. He was selected as one of San Antonio’s Rising Stars, as recognized in the San Antonio Business Journal’s Annual 40 under 40 Publication. Kyle has competed in numerous marathons, including 2 Boston marathons; triathlons, including 3 Ironman finishes; and multiple ultra-marathons of 50 miles or further. Jonathan is a competitive strongman, sponsored by RockTape, former power lifter and has been a personal trainer for years with expertise in weight loss, sports performance and metabolism. Jonathan brings to the team an extensive background in exercise physiology having completed a Master’s of Science in Clinical Exercise Physiology from Texas Tech University. He’s easy to recognize, as he’s usually carrying an atlas stone or small car.

Our team, each has our own fight that drives us, but what we each share is a desire to help you win your fight. We are more than a business, more than a gym, we are in a sense your fitness Sherpas, guiding you on a journey of wellness to achieve heights that you thought were not possible.